Как написать мрачный текст

Как написать мрачный текст

Как написать мрачный текст
15 мая 2021

Как написать мрачный текст

It was the Saturday night
I was wolking in the street
I had alcohol in my bag and some other shit
My legs were heart but my body not
SO I looked into the mirror and…What the F…ing Idiot

That were first words when I see myself

And I also said ”What the Hell”

At that moment I understand everything

My life was broken and I’m not free

My friends died and my family too

So what do you think I’m going to do?

No I don’t wanna die yet

I think that the world is not really shit

I believe in the future and I want to be free

From people whom I don’t wanna see

They think they are cool

And they think they can rule

And people lke us they are calling FULL

But that’s enough from me and enough from you

We have to stop them and do it , TRUTH ,

We must clean up the world from this piece of shit

Which makes dirty our life and our friends!

We have to shut up their f…ing mouth

If we want to stop this drunk house

We shall do it and begin right now

If we want the world not to be so dull

And now you know what I’m talking about

We have to clean up from Black our ground.

It was the Monday night I was laying in the sky
I had nothing with me and nothing to hide
My legs weren’t heart and my body too And I understand that there is nothing to do
SO I looked upside down and saw the whole world around!
To be continued.
Короче если вам не в лом то стоит его продолжать или на хрен закинуть англиийский и продолжать писать только н русском..

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