Legends Legends Never Die Mashuo Ft Tupac Mobb Deep Notorious B I G & Snoop Dogg — текст песни и слова!

Legends Legends Never Die Mashuo Ft Tupac Mobb Deep Notorious B I G & Snoop Dogg — текст песни и слова!

Legends Legends Never Die Mashuo Ft Tupac Mobb Deep Notorious B I G & Snoop Dogg — текст песни и слова!
12 мая 2021

Legends Never Die Mashup Lyrics:

2Pac- Dumpin’
Murderous mind state, can’t keep my nine straight
Sipping on this Hennessey, waiting for the time to break
Show up and motherfuckers bow down, recognize
Westside, Death Row, Outlaw riders

Untouchable mob of pistol packers
Well known fellas, labeled for drug selling, merciless jackers
Forever buzzed roll with thugs and dons
Commence to letting off rounds, then escape in the fog

2Pac- Sleep
Pictures of penny
Sippin’ my glass full of henny
Hands on my semi-
Automatic kill for pennies
Approach for contact
Cause I’m live I multiply
Soon as I open fire
Niggaz die wit’ open eyes
Scare to take a nap
It’s a trap a long maze
Dreamin’ of gettin’ stacks
Makin’ scratch the wrong way
What the song say
We murder motherfuckers daily
Black out blow the crack out

Mobb Deep — Shook Ones (part 2)
I got you stuck off the realness — we be "The Infamous. "
You heard of us! — Official Queens Bridge murderers.
The Mobb comes equipped with warfare, beware
Of my crime family who got nuff shots to share.
For all of those — who wanna profile and pose!
Rock you in your face, stab your brain with’ your nosebone.
You all alone in these streets, cousin.
Every man for theirself in this land we be gunnin’,
And keep them shook crews runnin’. Like they supposed to.

Notorious B.I.G. — Warning
Who the fuck is this?
pagin me at 5:46 in the mornin crack a dawnin
now I’m yawnin, wipe the cold out my eye
see who’s this pagin me and why..
It’s my nigga Pop from the barbershop
told me he was in the gamblin spot and heard the intricate plot
some niggas wanna stick you like fly paper neighbour
slow down love please chill drop the caper

You’re all a bunch of fucking assholes
You know why?
You don’t have the guts to be what you want to be
You need people like me
You need people like me so you can point your fucking fingers
and say "that’s the bad guy"
So say goodnight to the bad guy!

Snoop Dogg — Drop it like it’s hot
I’m a gangsta, but y’all knew that
Da Big Boss Dogg, yeah I had to do that
I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that’s the Crip side
Ain’t no other way to play the game the way I play
I cut so much you thought I was a DJ
[scratches] "two!" — "one!" — "yep, three!"
S-N double O-P, D-O double G
I can’t fake it, just break it, and when I take it
See I specialize in making all the girls get naked
So bring your friends, all of y’all come inside
We got a world premiere right here, now get live!
So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I got a living room full of fine dime brizzles
Waiting on the Pizzle, the Dizzle and the Shizzle
G’s to the bizzack, now ladies here we gizzo

I’m a Bad Boy, wit a lotta ho’s
Drive my own cars, and wear my own clothes
I hang out tough, I’m a real Bo$$
Big Snoop Dogg, yeah he’s so sharp
On the TV screen and in the magazines
If you play me close, you’re on a red beam
Oh you got a gun so you wanna pop back?
AK47 now nigga, stop that!

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